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Intense Attention to Detail

Leveraging name brand fixtures at wholesale prices, skilled craftsmen who are master's of their trades, and a hybrid combination of traditional/modern building techniques; Remodel STL achieves a level of quality surpassing the competition.

Innovative Design Responsibility

Evolving design to society's wants and our clients needs; Remodel STL achieves by moving forward effectually and with great purpose. Finding value where other overlooked, adding never subtracting, creating and building Saint Louis.


Innovative product sourcing abilities unique only to Remodel STL in Saint Louis mean the high end fixtures can be cheaper than the lower end. Everyone wins.


Talented employees means innovation, efficiency, creativity and fantastic results. All this is great for the homeowner, investor or small business project.


From warehouses, to tools and equipment, we have been preparing for your job for months. Good planning makes for exceptional results delivered at a great value.

Hedge, grass, and greenery coverings are an excellent way to beautify the exterior of homes, protect private property, create fencing and modify the yard. It gives a sense of privacy as well because it keeps the onlookers from looking what is inside the fence.

Besides that, if the wall around your house is not fancy, plastic hedge coverings will serve as an ornament to the wall, making it look beautiful and one with nature. Here are some of the options that you can choose from- boxwood hedge panels, synthetic Scindapsus leave bushes, red Laurel leaf mat, artificial grass fence, synthetic Ivy wall and more. Quality is something that is highly emphasized upon. The green walls have been designed intricately so that each leave looks real from up close and from a longer distance. The fences have been skilfully crafted. 

Features of our Plastic Natural Panel Cladding

Artificial Natural Grass Panel Cladding Installation A wide variety to choose from-

We offer a broad range of options for you to choose from. Our original plastic panels are UV proof, so they will not get damaged by the sunlight. The quality will not be tarnished in any way. Therefore, you are at an advantage. These fences have a long life and high durability. They have been designed in a way so that they can withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions.

Professional installation by contractors-

We provide professional contractors for this job who handle it with delicate care and skills. As professional contractors have experience, they know the perfect way to install the green panels. Our contractors are friendly and customer friendly. 

No weeding and maintenance-

Another advantage to plastic, natural hedge panels is that they do not require maintenance. Trimming, watering and cutting the hedges will not be required. They simply need to be installed. Being weatherproof, they stay intact and do not wither or shrivel, like natural plants do. Our natural plastic coverings are made of first-grade quality; therefore, they will stay looking marvelous all year round.

Natural Boxwood Imitation Panels Installed in St Louis-

The beauty with natural plastic panels is that they will never wither. When every other neighborhood withers, yours will still be green and fresh. The sense of privacy that you will get will be consistent throughout the year. The high-quality green coverings will not only complement the beauty of your house but also turn the functional outdoor into a beautiful sight.

Hedge, grass, and greenery coverings are a great way to beautify
Hedge, grass, and greenery covers are an excellent way to beautify
Beautiful Remodel Results, Efficient Design Delivery, Timeless Construction Practices

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We are expert home remodelers with specialties in kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, room additions, room conversions and new home construction.

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Innovative business office ruff-ins, creative new commercial building construction, cost-effective commercial real estate remodel upgrades.

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Remodel STL Saint Louis Mo Construction is a community minded contractor building service based strongly in ethical thoughtful construction using innovative green methods, systems the minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Remodel STL also believes strongly in the well being of it's employees offing industry breaking standards and expectations.
Remodel STL St Louis construction remodeling renovation building rehab contractors located downtown Soulard Saint Louis Missouri rebuilding homes & businesses. Licensed, bonded and insured to make your construction or remodeling project fast, fun and rewarding. From simple installation to full tear down design we offer solutions to our clients solving their problems at a great value! We take the utmost pride in our work. Want someone easy to work with, listens and makes sure all your needs are met? Well were the ones! get it done on budget, fast and enjoy a modern remodeling or upgrade to your business today. Remodel STL's employees have over 120 combined years experience in remodeling, carpentry, construction and making homes beautiful or business' impressive. We get it right the first time, every-time or we make it right. Customer service, efficiency and pride in our work make us the best!
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