We have raised our family's in Saint Louis. We are invested, as mothers, as father, as landlords, and employees and humans. We WANT to build Saint Louis, to make it better.


Waste not, want not. Budgets can deliver surprising results by doing it right, doing it intelligently, and using resourceful construction material sourcing methods.


Our employees want to work, they love it. They know they are changing the face of Saint Louis and proud to do it. This translates into passion and innovation in our work.

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Master Carpenters

Absolute attention to detail, skilled loved craftsmen ship, knowledgeable insight.

Expert Design

Elegant to simple efficient design, a balance is always found striving forward through any adversity.

Skilled Tradesmen

From talented labors, to master HVAC, plumbing & electricity; our employee's are the best.

Construction & Remodel Business FAQ

Remodel STL has searched the city for the best employees with creativity, talent, spice for life and societal awareness. Sourcing the best valued products, using the best tech.
We offer free quotes to our clients. Give use a call or email today to discuss your construction project.
We hold general contracting licences in all the areas we work in throughout Saint Louis and it's surround counties. We also maintain liability, worker-comp, and property insurance.
We have dozens of willing referrals and hundreds of successfully finished properties in our crew's histories.
We source our crews organically. We all know each other's names, eat at each-others houses. Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, carpentry and front office.
We have hourly rates and access to highly discounted items so jobs vary greatly. Call us today for a free consolation.

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