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A stunning kitchen starts with a vision, artistic vision, as well as knowledge in how to space plan. The materials and amenities choices on offer are virtually limitless, but it is the foresight to match the correct products that will match your budget, aesthetic preferences, and function that you require which is critical.

 Kitchen Remodeling in My Area

You are in need of a master plan, and Remodel STL can help. We can provide you with a kitchen remodel that will exceed your expectations. Our kitchen designers can guide you through the process to inform you of what products are available, as well as explaining their differences and benefits. They offer recommendations on which materials would work best for your project based on your budget, needs, and taste. We put all of our expertise and knowledge into working with you so your investment in the project with satisfying all of your needs while exceeding your expectations.

Once we have determined your kitchen profile, we move on to the layout and selection process. There is a lot to consider when undertaking a kitchen remodeling project. Do you want to go to an open plan concept, or do you work better with walls?48615799 s

What placement are you considering for your appliances, cabinetry, and islands? You want to create an efficient flow for accessibility and usage. What type and finish of doors and cabinetry will work in your home to create an exclusive look in keeping with your aesthetic preferences? What storage will you need? Are you looking at additional cabinetry or inbuilt storage compartments?

Then it’s on to the countertop options; there is much to choose from. Do you prefer granite or quartz; marble or ceramic; wood or stainless steel? Con


sider which option would work best for your style preferences, as well as your entertaining and cooking needs. There are stains, solids, and patterns to choose from- but your choice of backsplash will also play a part in this decision, as will the colors and materials for your floors and walls. 

You’ll need to consider an array of faucet and sink options, and then consider a broad range of kitchen appliances. Additionally, you will need to consider what type of lighting you like, what needs there are and what will be the best placement for it. The flooring you choose will be dependent on your level of kitchen traffic. There is so much to consider when designed a kitchen remodel, but with our help, you can enjoy the process and rest assured the finished project will exceed your expectations.

We’ve been serving the St Louis area for over 20 years, and have vast experience in construction and remodeling projects. We are a popular choice due to our design work and high levels of craftsmanship. If you’d like a free quote, we provide an extremely efficient and convenient quoting system to allow you to create your estimate. Contact us to discuss your project needs, wishes, and wants.

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