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Office Remodeling Commercial Construction in St Louis by expert artisans Remodel STL offering office carpentry, flooring, repair, construction, & renovation. 

St Louis Office Remodeling
St Louis Office Remodeling

St Louis Commercial Office Remodeling - Call Our Knowledgeable Staff Today!

Commercial Office Remodeling projects are completed on time, on a budget, with style easily and efficiently in Saint Louis by Remodel STL construction.

St Louis Commercial Office Rehabbing - 100% Free Office Rehabbing Quotes

Rehab, a commercial property's Office, to add value and appeal to your business' bottom line. Rehabbing in St Louis can be easy, fun and cost you less than you think. Call Remodel STL today.

St Louis Commercial Office Additions - We Make Office Additions Fast & Easy

Commercial Office Remodeling, Rehabbing & Additions masterfully constructed by Remodel STL, a Saint Louis MO-based rehabbing, remodeling and construction firm. Additions are a great way to value add convenience, allow expansion and grow your business while massively increasing worth. Commercial Office additions are a specialty of Remodel STL. An office is a place where most employees spend half of their time during the day and henceRemodel STL St Louis Offices

its aesthetic and design can be imperative to attract the right kind of employees who would feel motivated and energized by their work environment instead of feeling imprisoned by it. It is necessary to give remodeling a huge importance as it can not only help create a fresh new image for the company but can also help in competing effectively with rival companies. And we here at Remodel STL - St Louis Construction can help you do just that. Remodel STL - St Louis Construction is a company based in St Louis that specializes in providing to you the best and most affordable office remodeling services and consultancies.

Office Remodeling Services In St Louis

1. Pre-remodeling Planning and Budgeting- Remodel STL- St Louis Construction believes in sitting down with our clients and trying to understand their vision and where they want to focus. As we offer our services to a variety of offices with varying budgets, we are flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of
needs and expectations. We make sure to stay well within the budget of the client while still providing quality services. Even with multi-million dollar companies, e like to practice frugality where we can as our motto is to never waste the client's money on unnecessary things.

2. Preliminary Code Review and Design- In case your remodeling goes beyond simple furniture rearrangement and requires construction plans to alter the look of the office Remodel STL will work with professional architect who will do a code review while we handle the design specifications. This collaboration allows us to provide you two-in-one services so that you don't need to contact multiple companies to get your remodeling done. By working with architects we ensure that several steps of the process are being carried out simultaneously so that both time and money can be saved.

3. Color Renderings- Remodel STL's office designers also provide internal and external color renderings which are an important aspect of establishing the aesthetic of the office and truly help your vision come to life. Furthermore, we understand that to attract the best employees a pleasant work environment needs to be created. And in order for these future employees to see this environment often times color renderings become necessary to help attract them to the office and hence can compel them to apply for a job there.

4. Specifications and Construction Drawings- As mentioned before, we at Remodel STL understand that office remodeling goes beyond shifting around furniture and painting walls a different color.  Often to create a new office environment in this competitive age, some amount of new construction needs to take place and we recognize these need. We provide construction plans, architectural plans and drawings so you know what to expect once the construction is over.

St Louis Office RemodelingTips for Office Remodeling

Before beginning to remodel to the office here's some tips you should keep in mind to help make the process more efficient and effective.

1. Ask the necessary questions- Before finalizing the decision for something like remodeling the office it is important to keep several factors in mind and ask the right questions. Is the remodeling necessary? How will it be kept under budget and what will the budget be? What kind of professionals will be occupying the space? How would their job affect the kind of job environment they would like to have? How can this environment be created for them? 

2. Making neatness a priority- Even though this seems like a no-brainer, cleanliness is important for the functioning of an office and in fact makes much more a difference than expensive renovations which won't look good in a messy environment anyway. Hence some of the budget should be allotted to regular clean up services and there should be strict policies for maintaining neatness. 

3. Be Frugal Where You Can- Whether your company is a multi-million dollar company or a home office, frugality is an important aspect of renovation and Remodel STL can help. There is no need to spend ridiculous amount of dollars on say expensive polished tables of high quality wood for employees when it serves no other purpose than to be a work table. Save up from certain areas of the remodeling and use it to create an authentic and unique aesthetic.

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