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As the hub of your home, your kitchen sees a lot of activity- it’s where people gather for dinner, to do homework, hang out, where partygoers congregate, and more. The longer you put off that remodel, the more costly and inconvenient it will become.

 Kitchen Remodeling Project

There are a variety of reasons why you may be considering a kitchen remodeling project. You might just want to bring your kitchen up to date, but perhaps it isn’t working for your needs, or you have plans to sell your house in the future, and you are looking to increase your home’s value.

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When it comes time to sell your home, a kitchen remodel can make all the difference. While some buyers are interested in a fixer-upper, the majority of customers want to walk into a move in ready home. Remodeling your kitchen can entice more customers, and have you walking away with more money.

It doesn’t matter how well you have maintained the kitchen, or how clean it is- if it is outdated it will put off potential buyers. It might not be as functional either, as there will be a lack of newer appliances.

One big reason for a kitchen remodel is energy conservation. For example, modern lighting can make a big difference in the energy that you use. We can offer numerous accessories and products that will cut your energy bills, and help the environment.

resurface kitchen counter remodel stl 3If you want a kitchen that works for your needs, then a remodel might be just what you need. It could be a simple change of layout, and the addition of storage areas as well as room for new appliances, such as a dishwasher or tumble dryer. It's of vital importance that your kitchen works for you.

If you have recently purchased a house and you want to make changes, then an affordable kitchen remodeling project is just what you need. You can get a brand-new look with just a few new cupboards, and minimal changes or go for a full overhaul.

With plenty of inspiration available in magazines and film, you may be inspired to make a total change and capture some of the looks that you have seen on the big screen. Whether you cook and entertain a lot, or you are heavily into baking- we can create the perfect space for you. If you want to add an island, an additional sink, or a garbage disposal, working with Remodel STL means the sky’s the limit.

If you are looking for experts in construction to handle your kitchen remodeling project, then contact Remodel STL. We are fully bonded and insured, and hugely popular in St Louis for design and craftsmanship, and we provide free quotes. Check out our convenient quoting system to get you started and get a better idea of how much your kitchen remodel project may cost.

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