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Office Kitchen Remodeling projects are completed on time, on budget, with style easily and efficiently in Saint Louis by Remodel STL construction. Office Kitchen Remodeling, Rehabbing & Additions masterfully constructed by Remodel STL, a Saint Louis MO based rehabbing, remodeling and construction firm.

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Rehab a Office kitchen to add value and appeal to your business' bottom line. Rehabbing in St Louis can be easy, fun and cost you less than you think. Call Remodel STL today.

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Additions are a great way to value add convenience, allow expansion and grow your business while massively increasing worth. Office Kitchen additions are a specialty of Remodel STL.

Office Kitchen Remodeling

Even if we are talking about your office kitchen, it doesn’t mean that this space should not be pleasant and give you the chance to enjoy a nice lunch break. The kitchen is the place where people in an office go to relax during their break, to eat and catch up with the news, in a friendly and warm environment. Believe it or not, but the way the environment looks can have an impact on your mood or the mood of your employees and team members.
How would you feel in a room that has only a table, a few chairs, a fridge and coffee machine? And how would you feel in a room that is nicely decorated, has all the useful furniture, like a sink, faucet, and anything else necessary, besides just the basics? You would definitely feel at home in the last option.

If you don’t think that the space in an office counts, think twice, because in an unfriendly and stressful environment, productivity is lower. Your team members do not have too many breaks during the day, so they may very well enjoy a pleasant environment when they do. It will help them unwind, relax, catch their breath, and allow them to be more productive. Make sure to offer the best environment for a well deserved break and everybody will be happy, including you. Here are some awesome office kitchen remodeling ideas you can use.

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·       Entwine looks with functionality

The kitchen is, by definition, a functional space. So, when it comes to remodeling it, always have this aspect in mind. You will need to make it look welcoming, while also maintaining the purposes of having a kitchen around. Also, because several people will use it, it will have to suit the need of multiple users. Last, but not least, it should not look like a residential kitchen, still having the looks of an office enclosure.

·       A semi-open kitchen can be a great solution

It may be tricky to ensure that there are all the needed appliances and furniture in an office kitchen, while still allowing people sufficient space to get around it and socialize. So, do your best to maximize the space you have, without cramping it. Bear in mind that most people will take their break at once and rush to the kitchen, which means that they will need room to move around it. For instance, place the coffee making area somewhere where it can be accessed from both sides. Use both suspended and regular kitchen cabinets to make sure that you have sufficient storage space, without using too much of the room. And don’t forget about adding a table with enough chairs. The design should be simple and professional, in warm and calming colors, without too many details. Anyone that sits in this kitchen should be able to relax, but without forgetting that he or she is at work.

This can be achieved by opting for furniture that is more functional than aesthetic, in neutral colors and without decorative details. Various wood colors and patterns can work amazing in an office kitchen, such as other shades of brown, grey, and white. The use of bright colors should be minimized, by using small details in the form of kitchen items.

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Office Kitchen remodeling increases the value of any real estate property, building and holding. Both commercial and residential clients benefit form Remodel STL's value added construction efficiency and tasteful design. 

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There are allot of new and interesting remodeling materials, concepts and ideas out there, let Remodel STL help you through your Office Kitchen remodeling project. Free quotes and expert designers make your Saint Louis MO construction project fun and masterfully designed.

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Remodel STL is not only great at new installation, but experts in Office Kitchen refinishing, rehabbing and re-purposing reclaimed  materials for a custom unique earth friendly solution. Call us to day for a free construction project quote and to discus materials and innovation in St Louis remodeling. Including: office kitchen remodeling, office kitchen construction, office kitchen remodel, business kitchen remodeling, business kitchen construction, business kitchen remodel, kitchen remodel, office remodel, business remodel, kitchen remodel

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