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Leveraging name brand fixtures at wholesale prices, skilled craftsmen who are master's of their trades, and a hybrid combination of traditional/modern building techniques; Remodel STL achieves a level of quality surpassing the competition.

Innovative Design Responsibility

Evolving design to society's wants and our clients needs; Remodel STL achieves by moving forward effectually and with great purpose. Finding value where other overlooked, adding never subtracting, creating and building Saint Louis.


Innovative product sourcing abilities unique only to Remodel STL in Saint Louis mean the high end fixtures can be cheaper than the lower end. Everyone wins.


Talented employees means innovation, efficiency, creativity and fantastic results. All this is great for the homeowner, investor or small business project.


From warehouses, to tools and equipment, we have been preparing for your job for months. Good planning makes for exceptional results delivered at a great value.

At Remodel STL, our top of the line work speaks for us. We have completed many intriguing and challenging projects that fully fit the client’s needs and interests. This company is dedicated to providing the best services with free quotes, expert construction, and attractive designs for all of St. Louis. To see what amazing things we have to offer for your residential or commercial location, check out what we have already done to benefit St. Louis.

St Louis Interesting Projects & Portfolio Review

St Louis Project Portfolio Remodel STL

Fordham, 63129This flip was an excellent opportunity to improve the scenery in St. Louis as well as provide quality housing options for the public. We were able to create gorgeous landscaping improvements in addition to installing in-style siding and top tier roofing. Inside the home, we completely remodeled the kitchen and the bathroom to produce a lovely home environment that is conducive to efficiency.

Tucker, 63101A true testament to our talents was this historic building remodeling job. The entire south wall had to be rebuilt, which included both interior and exterior period-appropriate designs. The challenge of intertwining the architectural knowledge we have today with the stylistic preferences of the past was easily overcome, along with including unit separation and efficient utilities.

Talbert, 63021In order to preserve the wonderfully charming qualities of this estate and bring it into this century, many unique modernization techniques were implemented. Plumbing and electrical along with full HVAC were necessary, but the complete redesign of the interior allowed us to give the client exactly what they wanted.

Remodel STL ProjectsCedarbrook, 63122The rebuilding of a kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom is the kind of work we put our talents into. Adding new windows and a new roof was par for the course, and improving the foundation was a bonus. The entire value of the property increased with these excellent additions.

Lemp Ave, 63118- This beautiful condo had to be completely rehabilitated. It required new brickwork, exterior remodeling, a new roof, and a total redesign of the interior.

Belwyn, 63146The fixtures in a house are one of the most important parts, so we were glad to be able to bring the kitchen and bathroom into this century with new fixtures and a top tier paint job. The foundation of the home also had to be corrected to keep from expensive and time-consuming future problems. French drains were the most enjoyable part of this project, with grading and laying them in appropriate spots.

Christopher Road, 63129To showcase our capabilities, this house demanded the most from us. With clear railing and decking, customized concrete pool, and interior remodeling, it was certainly a fun and exciting challenge. Specially colored and stamped concrete had to be used, and the basement and kitchen required unique twists with top of the line designs.

South Jefferson, 63118A beautiful, archaic home with three stories, this residence combined sheer majesty with the demands of capitalism when we were through. The exterior was upgraded and improved upon, while the interior was converted into an excellent revenue opportunity.

South Spring, 63116Tuckpointing and drydocking are standard procedures, but this property has been severely improved. The fixing of the deck and the roof contributed to the overall newfound beauty of the establishment, as well as the kitchen and bathroom interior remodeling.

3rd Street, 63104When it comes to commercial modernization, we are impeccable. Office build-outs and electrical upgrades are easily achieved, and lighting, paint, and exterior improvements are no trouble. We also helped with branding and safety, satisfying all the needs of the client.

Alpine Village, 63012The skeletal frame of this shattered and broken home was enough for us to use to create a beautiful home. The incredibly cottage-like property required a new well and septic tank, new electricity and plumbing, new HVAC, and an entirely new interior design. The kitchen and bath were elegantly constructed, offering families a lovely option for residence.

Michigan, 63118This specific establishment was constructed entirely by us. We built this wonderful 4-unit revenue source to create a welcoming environment for prospective families and generate profit for owners. It is a beautiful place that offers excellent return at full occupancy.

Compton Ave, 63118When a house on the market is available for wholesale, it can seem like a worthless endeavor. We were able to turn this home around with expert remodeling and finesse. The home is now a charmingly unusual rental property for an entire family, without losing any of its beautiful independent fixtures.

Minnesota, 63118Interior remodeling is a breeze with our construction-oriented talent, but the inclusion of drydocking and tuckpointing was imperative. We improved upon the roofing of the structure as well as the deck, and we were able to paint the kitchen and the bathroom by our client’s standards.

Itaska, 63111With split properties, ones that are commercial and residential, remodeling can be tricky. We performed a ruff-in and added quality updates to the home portion while improving upon the building refinement. We made sure the entire structural code was up to par, and we made the client happy.

Potomac, 63118To improve upon this structure was a fundamental test of our skills. We remodeled the interior, painted the kitchen and the bathroom, and implemented tuckpointing and drydocking. That is not all, however. We also we able to correct some of the most unfortunate qualities of the deck structure for the property.

Montana Street, 63118In order to create a perfect rental property for the client, we effectively painted the kitchen and the bathroom as well as improving the lock conditions. By implementing a key touch base, we allowed the property to become a safe haven for the tenants.

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 Remodel STL Projects

Remodel STL Projects

Remodel STL St Louis Construction & Remodeling Projects Portfolio including historic St Louis construction projects, commercial jobs, residential remodeling.

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